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200KVA 50Hz Cummins Generator Set

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200KVA 50Hz Cummins Generator Set (Open Type)

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Quick Overview

200KVA 50Hz Cummins Generator Set:

Genset Model: SCCS200

Engine Type 6CTAA8.3-G2

Prime Power: 200 kVA 160 kW

Standby Power: 218 kVA 174 kW

Fuel Consumption: 38.78 Litre/h 206 g/kW.h

Frequency: 50Hz

Speed: 1500rpm

Lubrication Oil Consumption: 0.19 Litre/h
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Cummins Generator Set (Open Type)

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COMESOON Cummins series adopt CUMMINS engines. Through near ten years of cooperation with CUMMINS, COMESOON C series with its high reliability, low use and maintenance cost win the loyalty of many customers in the field of Army, transportation engineering system and mine industries. Established in 1919, headquartered in Columbus, Indiana, (USA) Cummins Inc. serves customers in more than 160 countries and territories through its network of 680 Company-owned and independent distributor locations and more than 5,000 dealer locations. As the largest foreign engine investors of China, Cummins possess Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd (produce M, N, K series engine) and Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd (produce B,C, L series engine ) and produce CUMMINS engines with globally uniform quality standard. COMESOON and CUMMINS guarantee the most convenience and shortcut service through their service networks countrywide.

Cummins Generator Set Data Sheet

Genset Parts Store

Genset Parts Store


1. Voltages are available in the following standards:
50Hz: 440/254V; 415/240V; 400/230V; 380/220V; 220/127V; 200/115V & etc.
60Hz: 480/277V; 440/254V; 220/127V; 208/120V & etc.

2. ISO 8528: Ratings are given for 40 degree Celsius Ambient temperature, 1000m altitude.

3. Prime Power Capacity, is available for an unlimited number of annual operating hours in variable load applications in accordance with ISO 8528-1. A 10% overload capability is available for a period of 1 hour within 12 hours period of operation in accordance with ISO 3046-1.

4. Standby Power Capacity, is applicalbe for supplying emergency power in variable load applications in accordance with ISO 8528-1. Overload is not allowed.

5. General Guidelines for Deration:
Altitude: Derate 2.0% per 200m(984ft.) elevation above 1000m(3279ft.) up to a maximum elevation of 2450m(8000ft.). More than 2450m(8000ft.), please contact us for help.
Temperature: Darate 6.0% per 11 degree Celsius Ambient Temperature above 40 degree Celsius Ambient Temperature.


Quality Standards
ISO 9001:2000, ISO3046; ISO8528; BS4999; BS5000PT99; BS5514;
AS1359; IEC34; UTE5100; VDE0530; CSAA22.2; CEMA; NEA; ISO14001


1. The engine and alternator are close couple coupled by means of an SAE flange. A full torsional analysis has been carried out to guarantee no harmful vibration will occure.

2. Anti-vibration pads are affixed between engine alternator feet and the base frame. Thus ensuring complete vibration isolation of the rotating assemblies and enabling the machine to be placed on an uneven surface without any detrimental effects.

3. For durability and corrosion resistance, all iron and steel surfaces of canopy fabrications have been treated for coating by grit blast cleaning. Then covered by special three layers painting which provides and excellent corrosion resistant surface.


Voltage Regulation
Votage regulation maintained within +-0.5% between 0.8 and 1.0 lagging and unity from on load to full load at speed droop variation up to 4.5%.
Frequency Adjustable Ratio
Change load from 0-100% within 1.0%(electric speed regulator), within 4.5% (mechanical speed regulator)
Frequency Undulation
Load from 0-100%, frequency undulation within 0.25%, no load wire volts max undulation ratio within 1.8% three phase balanced load in the order of 5%.
Effect Factor of Telecommunication
TIF better than 50; THF to BS4999 Part 40 better than 2%.
In compliance with BS800 and VDE levels G and N.

Scope of Supply

    1.1 Engine which includes wet type cylinder, direct injection combustion chamber, exhaust turbocharger, water cooling, electronic governor, etc.
   1.2 Fuel system, which includes, fuel pump, strainers or filters, etc.
   1.3 Air intake and exhaust system, which includes air filter, exhaust silencer, bellow, all intake and exhaust piping, cablings, instruments, valves and settings, etc.
   1.4 Cooling system, which includes radiator with water level alarm and indicator, thermostatic switch, thermostatic heater, engine shaft mounted fan, all interconnecting piping, cablings, instruments, valves and settings, etc.
   1.5 Lubricating system includes pumps, oil sumps, oil strainers and filters, all interconnecting piping, instruments, valves and settings, etc.
   1.6 Starting system, which includes 2 sets of batteries, a set of AC charger, and interconnecting piping, cablings, instrument, valves and settings, etc.

    2.1 Generator, which includes exciter, rectifier, AVR, shaft mounted fan if required.
    2.2 All interconnecting piping, cablings, instruments, valves and settings, etc.

    3.1 Coupling
    3.2 Coupling Guard

    4.1 Local automatic control panel

    5.1 Common base plate

    6.1 Generator Set Installation Manual
    6.2 Generator Set Operation and Maintenance Manual (English & Spanish)
    6.3 Generator Set Control Panel Manual
    6.4 Engine Manual and Quality File
    6.5 Alternator Manual and Quality File
    6.6 Factory Acceptant Test Report
    6.7 Relative Drawings and Diagrams

Standard Control Panel & Functions

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          Meters                         Alarms                     Shut Down

Genset Parts Store

Optional Control Panels

Genset Parts Store

Optional Accessories

Genset Parts Store

Cummins Warranty Program

ComeSoon Machinery Co., Ltd. obligation to repair or replace is subject to the following duration and scope of warranty:

Cummins Engines and Stamford Alternators are enjoyed with Global Warranty by the Local Service Centers. Please visit Cummins Quick Service Website for your nearest service center.

Duration of Warranty

1. 12 months from the date of commissioning OR

2. 18 months from the date of delivery to the purchaser OR

3. 1000 operating hours

4. OR whichever come first.

Scope of Warranty

Within the first 12 months from the date of commissioning, ComeSoon Machinery Co., Ltd. liability will over only the following:

1. Substitution of parts or the repair of these parts shall be based solely on the irrevocable judgment of the technical department of ComeSoon Machinery Co., Ltd.

2. ComeSoon Machinery Co., Ltd. Is not liable for any other claims and/ or obligation arising from the warranty, including expenses, damages, direct or indirect losses, derived from the use of the products provided by ComeSoon Machinery Co., Ltd..

3. The warranty period will expire automatically at the end of twelve months
from the date of commissioning OR 18 months from the date of delivery
(or shipment for oversea) OR 1000 operating hours and is considered
null and void when any of the following conditions is verified by
ComeSoon Machinery Co., Ltd..
    a) Lack of, or inappropriate maintenance
    b) Modification of , or change to the arrangement of the instrument (s) and
equipment supplied by ComeSoon Machinery Co., Ltd. Including wire
connections. Any such changes as described above not expressly approved or
authorized by ComeSoon Machinery Co., Ltd. Renders the Warranty null
and void.
    c) Use of unsuitable fuel, coolant or lubricants.
    d) Mishandling and / or use of the equipment under situations or conditions not designed for the equipment under warranty.
    e) Repairs carried out by unauthorized personnel and / or use of non-original OEM spare parts.
    f) Impact, fire or other incidents caused by accidents, or negligence.
    g) This Warranty does not extend to ComeSoon Machinery Co., Ltd. Equipment or parts purchased under special terms and conditions as qualified in the ComeSoon Machinery Co., Ltd. Purchase order, contracts or invoice.
    h) The appropriate maintenance of ComeSoon Machinery Co., Ltd. Batteries and accessories are not taken according to the requirements.

4. The warranty does not apply in cases of damage due to normal wear and tear.

5. ComeSoon Machinery Co., Ltd. Shall have exclusive authorization to carry out service repairs falling within the scope of the warranty described.

6. No Claims or refund of any payments will be entertained.

7. If our goods deliver to other locations where is outside China, the customer is recommended to inform ComeSoon Machinery Co., Ltd. For the final destination of this shipment before invoicing in order to arrange the most appropriate after sales service support available in the respective region. Vice versa, ComeSoon Machinery
Co., Ltd. Reserves the right to charge those additional costs involved for traveling expenses in case of any inspection or repairing work required oversea.

ComeSoon Machinery Co., Ltd. Reserves the right to alter, modify or substitute any of the above mentioned terms & conditions without prior notice.

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